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YES! NO meat.

At Myco Foods we specialise in innovating new and exciting meat substitute products for the Food Industry.  Whether it is our Hooba® Mince which mimics the structure and texture of meat mince or our all new Ryba™ range of products, which are currently under development and ideal for fish replacement dishes, we are sure to be able to deliver the perfect solution for your business. 

Creating meat-free food that tastes great, has the right texture and look is very difficult, but after years of development we've cracked it.  Our blend of healthy ingredients make our foods taste great and the texture we have designed gives them a 'meaty' bite, when people try them for the first time they are genuinely shocked that they are not meat.

We can deliver a standard meat substitute product from our portfolio of retail, food service or manufacturing products or we can develop a bespoke product to match your required functionality and taste.

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What We Supply



Meat free

Myco's proprietary Hooba® Mince is the ideal plant-based replacement for meat mince.  The mince will act in the same manner as a meat mince in all standard industry machinery making it the ideal choice for sausages, burgers, meat-free balls, kebabs, sausage rolls, pasties, porkless pies and many more products.



Prepared for You

Myco Foods has a range of sausages, burgers, meat-free balls and sausage rolls available in a number of flavour profiles.  Available with Hooba® Branding or your own private label.


It’s Great to Meet You

Myco Foods Limited was founded in April 2016 as a research and development company focused upon developing an idea to create a range of tasty and nutritious meat-free products from mushrooms.

Global meat production is now at levels that seriously threaten our planet’s future. Additionally, most of us realise that eating less or no meat is better for us and the vegetarian/vegan community continues to grow at incredible pace.  

Myco have created a viable ‘meat-free’ product, made by skilfully blending carefully selected mushrooms, to satisfy the needs of the consumer and the wider food production sector. Feedback from customers and food trade clients, indicates we now have the recipe, flavour and critically, the ‘meaty’ texture exactly right.  


The key to the Myco range of products is the proprietary mince made from mushroom stems.  The mince can be formed, extruded or vacuum filled into any shape or casing on standard meat industry equipment.  On cooking the mince will firm up in a similar manner to meat to create the texture and bite of a minced meat product.

About Us
Hooba Retail

YES! NO meat.

3 simple words that sum up what we're all about at Hooba®. It's that eureka moment when you take a bite and realise that we've cracked it - meat-free food that actually tastes amazing!


We've developed a range of meat-free foods which are natural, nutritious, but most importantly of all really, really tasty.


Family favourites such as burgers, sausages, no-meatballs and mince can all be used in your favourite dishes, from sensational spag bols to kickin' kebabs, with none of the bad stuff that comes with processed meat, but loads of good stuff.


There are tons of reasons why reducing the amount of meat you eat (or cutting it out completely) is very good for both you and the planet. 

As well as providing the tasty ingredients to many branded product ranges.  

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Tel:  01325 625 250

Business Central, 2 Union Square, Central Park, Darlington, DL1 1GL

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